Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Well today hasn't really been such a great day.
We left this morning - the 31st @ 6:30 after another fine breakfast. We headed toward Yellowstone a mere 156 miles from Landers, WY.
Things didn't go as planned. The south entrance of Yellowstone was closed and we discovered we had quite the oil leak.
We decided to head toward Jackson Hole, WY. Unknown to us last night there was a snow storm, and the pass recieved 4 to 6 feet of snow. They plowed the road but there was still too much snow for us! (Hopefully I will be able to attach the snow pictures.)
Finally made it there (Jackson Hole) but there was no place to work on the truck.
So we headed to Idaho Falls, ID, found a Ford dealer, and they are replacing a high pressure pump. They said it would be ready around 11 or 12 on the Thursday. From here we have only 2800 miles left.
Idaho Falls is a pretty nice city and the WIND IS NOT BLOWING.

We are thinking we will be able to get to the Canadian border tomorrow night.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well we finally stopped in a place called Landers, WY -- about 150 miles from Yellowstone. We went to dinner. It wasn't bad and a lot to eat. The Captain and I went to Mickey D's and got a fresh cup of decaf coffee.
Time to relax and get ready for tomorrow. As soon as I can figure out how to put on some pictures, I will.

March 30, 2010 Tuesday

After a fine breakfast at the motel, we bid farewell to Salina, KA at 6:30am. If you have never been to KA, the wind was blowing so bad it blew us almost back to MO. We motored along on I70 with absolutely no traffic to interfere with our travel (just the way AJ and I like it).
Dwight (Scotty) was at the helm while the Captain and I slept. We spent the rest of our travel through KA looking for the highest point in the state. We finally realized we were the highest point in the state! So much for that little time killer.
Yeah! We are in CO! It really looks like KA! The trip in CO was uneventful, travelled on I70 to I25.
We are now in WY headed to Yellowstone. We are planning to spend the day there. Stopped in Rawlings, WY to get a shake at Mickey D’s. We thought the wind was bad in KA, but were we wrong! I have never seen wind like this in my lifetime. Oh well.
We are off the interstate traveling on US 287 and there is absolutely nothing. Going on 6pm. Hope we find somewhere to stay for tonight because it’s starting to rain.
I must say the mountains are really something to see.
Signing off from the bridge of Starship Enterprise.
Here goes day 2, we spent the night at the LaQuinta Inn in Salina, KA. The weather is really great here -- sunny 62 degrees at 5:47 am.

Everything is going well so far, at least we haven't lost anything or anybody yet.

It's time we do what we do best -- that's go eat breakfast again.

Monday, March 29, 2010

We're on our way, a little late on our departure time because "Captain Kirk" though he would sleep in a little. Otherwise a great day to travel. Like other explorers of the world, we started our journey by stopping at the first Cracker Barrel to eat breakfast.

We are on the way!!! Now we are stopping to eat lunch in Nashville IL.
Nothing but a lot of trees so far.
St Louis in sight more later.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alaska 2010 Odyssey

This is the crew of Enterprise for the Alaskan 2010
A.J. aka "Captain"
Ron aka "Spock"
Dwight aka "Scotty"

Will be departing Fayetteville, TN at 'O' dark thirty, Monday the 29th of March 2010.