Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010 Tuesday

After a fine breakfast at the motel, we bid farewell to Salina, KA at 6:30am. If you have never been to KA, the wind was blowing so bad it blew us almost back to MO. We motored along on I70 with absolutely no traffic to interfere with our travel (just the way AJ and I like it).
Dwight (Scotty) was at the helm while the Captain and I slept. We spent the rest of our travel through KA looking for the highest point in the state. We finally realized we were the highest point in the state! So much for that little time killer.
Yeah! We are in CO! It really looks like KA! The trip in CO was uneventful, travelled on I70 to I25.
We are now in WY headed to Yellowstone. We are planning to spend the day there. Stopped in Rawlings, WY to get a shake at Mickey D’s. We thought the wind was bad in KA, but were we wrong! I have never seen wind like this in my lifetime. Oh well.
We are off the interstate traveling on US 287 and there is absolutely nothing. Going on 6pm. Hope we find somewhere to stay for tonight because it’s starting to rain.
I must say the mountains are really something to see.
Signing off from the bridge of Starship Enterprise.
Here goes day 2, we spent the night at the LaQuinta Inn in Salina, KA. The weather is really great here -- sunny 62 degrees at 5:47 am.

Everything is going well so far, at least we haven't lost anything or anybody yet.

It's time we do what we do best -- that's go eat breakfast again.

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  1. Ok.... All I can say is being in the car riding down the road for several days, you'd better eat light because you all are going to be dragging back a belly!! And so far it looks like all you guys have done is eat. You may have to rent an extra u-haul to get back or maybe 3.