Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter to everyone from Anchorage, AK.
One more note from yesterday, the 3rd of April. Once we got to the motel and got checked in from travelling 4,268 plus miles, we did what every good American does. We loaded up the truck and headed to Wally World. Had to get supplies in for the next couple of days.

Today we headed south down to Seward, AK to the ports for the fishing vessels (Deadliest Catch). The weather turned bad so we headed back along the coast. There is still lots of snow and ice. AJ said it was worse last year, but still pretty bad.

We also made another trip to Walmart this afternoon. So that's about it for today
I will post some more pictures later.

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  1. Can't miss Wal-Mart. I recall getting a text message last year of one Daddy's visits to an Alaskan Wal-Mart. Yep, I got the picture for proof. I'm just as bad when it comes to Sam's. Be safe and Happy Easter. We'll save y'all some eggs.