Monday, April 5, 2010

Well today is kind of a down day. We slept in, had a late breakfast and still on the road by 8:00AM.

Drove downtown, but it all looks like downtown to me!
1st stop was ULU knife factory. Pretty interesting place. Sue guess what one of your gifts is going to be!

Alaska is a really beautiful place, but all the dirty snow piled up makes everything look so dingy and gray. It even causes all the people to look homeless.

We have noticed a couple of thing here. Food is really high, well everything is really costly. Every place we stop to eat is always empty. Example: Pizza Hut, Valley Inn and a place called Freeze -- only people there were Ron, AJ and Dwight.
So we are off to where all the people gather. You got it, WAL-MART!

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  1. Cute little store....has that rustic look. Melissa and I have decided that our next mother/daughter trip will be Alaska. She wants to travel there to get some awesome photos....I'm sure in Alaska she'll find more photo ops than any place she could imagine. Hope you're having a good time and good to know you had a down day on Monday to get some good rest. When is the big "show" day for AJ? Later. Take care!